Why Choose XSi for Your Hitachi Maintenance Needs?

About hitachi

We provide maintenance and support for the entire range of Hitachi unified storage equipment. From legacy (post warranty, EoL and EoS) HDS Hitachi unified storage assets to the multi-vendor enterprise data storage portfolio, XSi can help you optimize your investments in a logical, cost-effective way.

Predictive Maintenance

The most obvious benefit of a well-planned preventive maintenance strategy is the ability to minimize downtime and save money. Our team of subject matter experts has deep hands on experience implementing and measuring the efficacy of a wide variety of preventive maintenance programs.

Best-in-class Service & Support

From project-based SmartHands to full service and maintenance agreements, we have the solution that fits your needs and budget. With a fully-stocked service fleet and dedicated service engineers covering all major cities in the U.S., we’ll deliver a high-quality, on time performance that exceeds your expectations.

Top Gun Technology

As your trusted partner, we’re on a mission to deliver end-to-end technology solutions that keep your business running smoothly and at peak efficiency. Our award-winning, unified platform is built for reliability and scalability and includes a suite of unified applications to help you stay in the know.

Best of all, we make it simple to get the best-in-class service you need, when and where you need it. We leverage an extensive global network of people, parts and technologies to deliver the services your business demands — delivered in the best possible way.

The XSi top of the line maintenance system is powered by an advanced converged data and analytics infrastructure that can be augmented with a mobile app to enable predictive maintenance and monitoring for even the most complex Hitachi unified storage systems. This hitachi mpdr technology is the envy of the industry and will allow you to manage your HDS Hitachi unified storage systems with confidence.

The Hitachi HEMO (short for high-end, impressive, or eye-catching) is a uniquely designed and executed program that uses a variety of high-tech tools to optimise your equipment’s performance, reduce downtime and increase the resale value of your machine(s). You’ll get to enjoy peace of mind while making the most of your asset’s capabilities, which means more time on the job, more money in the pocket and more success for you and your business.