Food and Nutrition program at Brescia University College is recognized as one of the best in the country

The Brescia Food and Nutrition Program is accredited by the Partnership for Dietetic Education and Practice. It also provides students with the opportunity to complete a practicum recognized by the Dietitians of Ontario. This helps prepare students for future steps to become registered dietitians in Canada. Students will also learn about food safety and the effects of societal and cultural factors on health and diet.

The program is designed to equip students with the skills needed to help people eat healthier and lead a more active lifestyle. It also gives students the chance to work in local food businesses and factories. They will also get involved with community volunteer opportunities, which will add to their resume.

The Food and Nutrition program at Brescia University College is recognized as one of the best in the country. Its students study at all levels, from undergraduate to graduate. Their courses explore the chemical composition of foods, the impact of the See More Information food industry on the global community, and how societal and cultural influences affect the way we eat. Moreover, they learn the fundamentals of community nutrition and how to evaluate the nutritional merits of food products.

The school’s faculty includes award-winning teachers, who will help increase students’ critical thinking skills. In addition, students will have the opportunity to participate in community volunteer and internship opportunities. These experiences will also strengthen their resume for future internship and employment programs.

Brescia’s students have the opportunity to join clubs like FRESH and Nutrition Ignition. They can also work with local farmers, and participate in activities like hands-on cooking classes and workshops. By learning about food production, students can gain practical experience and learn about societal and cultural factors that contribute to the way we eat.

The faculty at Brescia are some of the best in the nation. Their passion for providing a great learning environment is evident, and they will do everything they can to assist their students. From providing them with a nutritious box meal, to ensuring students with conflicting schedules have a place to eat, they are dedicated to their students’ success.

With its affiliation with the University of Western Ontario, Brescia is able to provide its students with the resources of a large university. As a result, the program offers a wide range of course choices, while giving students a high quality education that will make them job-ready.

Founded by the Ursuline Sisters of Chatham, a Catholic religious order, Brescia is committed to equal access to education for women. The program has been growing from its first class of seven women to a full-time student population of over 1,200. Since its inception, Brescia has developed a strong community of alumnae and students. Some of its alumnae include Jennifer Broxterman, who graduated from the Foods and Nutrition course. She returned to the program after winning the Ontario Graduate Scholarship. After her graduation, she completed a dietetic internship and has since been named as the recipient of the Young Alumnae Award of Merit.